President and
Dr. Tom Walker
Th.B., M.A., D.D.

1036 Zion Hill Rd.
Marion, NC

Board of Directors:
Dr. Tom Walker
Dr. Ron Baity
Dr. Alan Barker
Dr. Wendall Runion

David Walker
Dean Buff



Updated March 2017

Fourty one courses are now available for correspondence students:

Our professors are well trained and are academically
qualified to be instructors in our Bible College.

Hermeneutics I
Dr. Jack Gassaway- Dr. Eric Grindstaff
Dr. Gary Laney
Hermeneutics II
Dr. Jack Gassaway, Dr. Gary Laney
Epistles of John I
Dr. Tom Walker
Epistles of John II
Dr. Tom Walker
The Canon of the King James Bible-
Dr. Jack Gassaway----Dr. Gary Laney
Dr. Tom Walker
The Book of James I-
Dr. Jack Gassaway- Dr. Eric Grindstaff
Book of James II-
Dr. Jack Gassaway
The Book of Ephesians
Dr. Tom Walker
I Peter I
Dr. Tom Walker
Manners and Customs of Bible Lands
Dr. Eric Grindstaff, Dr. Jack Gassaway
Old Testament Survey
Dr. Tom Walker
Song of Solomon
Dr. Jack Gassaway
The Tabernacle
Dr. Tom Walker
The Second Coming
Dr. Tom Walker
Women of the Bible
Dr. Jack Gassaway
The Dynamics Of Pauls Ministry
Dr. T.R. Moore
Christian Counseling
Dr.Tom Walker
The Spirit World
Dr. Jack Gassaway
Spiritual Gifts
Dr. Jack Gassaway, Dr. Gary Laney
Dispensationalism I
Dr. Tom Walker
Dispensationalism II
Dr. Tom Walker, Dr. Eric Grindstaff
Dr. Tom Walker, Dr. Eric Grindstaff
Hebrews I
Dr. Jack Gassaway, Dr. Wendall Runion
Dr. Jack Gassaway, Dr. Wendall Runion
Overview of Prophecy
Dr. Tom Lambert
Hebrews II
Dr. Gary Laney-
Dr. Tom Walker
Speech-Sermon Delivery
Dr. Tom Walker
Dr. Eric Grindstaff
Dr. Gary Laney
Bible Doctrines I
Dr. Tom Walker
Dr. Eric Grindstaff
Creation vs. Evolution
Dr. Gary Laney
Bible Doctrines II
Dr. Tom Walker
Dr. Eric Grindstaff
Revelation I
Dr. Tom Walker
Revelation II
Dr. Tom Walker
Acts I
Dr. Tom Walker
Dr. Gary Laney
Dr. Eric Grindstaff


Call for our low tuition cost.

We seek to give a sound Biblical education at a low cost tuition.
Send your application as soon as possible with a $25.00
non-refundable admission fee. Your application will be
processed and a response sent to you. If you are accepted, you will
be billed for the courses you want to take. When your payment
arrives you will be sent the audio lectures, your syllabus for each course,
your outside textbook, and printed materials you will need to complete
and mail in to Foothills Baptist Bible College to be graded.
We consider tranfer credits as appropriate

If you cannot view the student handbook from
the College Information section of our web-site,
let us know and we will mail it to you with application forms.
You can also download materials from College Information Tab section.


Even if you order a full load of courses (4 of them)
it will be best for you to complete one course at a time.

All assignments for the courses you take will need to be
turned in when completed and tests taken to receive
a final grade for your courses.


Your assignments should be sent in through the U.S. Postal Service
in the USPS mail.

Each time a new quarter is finished in the FFBC in class
curriculum, those four courses will be available in
the correspondence division of our college.


Your will need a test proctor who will receive your
final exam and oversee the taking of your tests. A librarian or
church secretary would be a good person to utilize.
He or she will give the test to you
mail it in to the school after you have completed it.


More information will be added later.
You can request a student handbook or you can view it
from the College Information tab which is located
at the top of each page on this web-site.



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Foothills Baptist Bible College is approved by Internal Revenue service under section 501 (c) (3) to receive tax deductible contributions under sections 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Internal Revenue Code. Any gifts you give to our institution will help us keep down the tuition costs for our students and you will be given a receipt to use for tax deduction purposes.

If your church can support the school to the extent you do your individual missionaries, for a set amount each month, it will be helpful in assisting us to operated the school and provide a quality Bible centered education for our students. You can also sponsor a student for a quarter (13 weeks) as a missions project for your church as some have already done. If you need any more information just give us a phone call at 828-442-7015.

We accepted Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express for donations.