President and
Dr. Tom Walker
Th.B, M.A., D.D.

1036 Zion Hill Rd.
Marion, NC

Board of Directors:
Dr. Tom Walker
Dr. Ron Baity
Dr. Alan Barker
David Walker
Dean Buff

Don Abernethy


Pray for Board Member and
adjunct professor
Dr. Wendall Runion.
He is over IBOM Mission board and is
in charge of WKJV and WKJW radio, Black
Mountain and Asheville. He is undergoing
multiple health problems. Dr. Runion needs your prayer.

Truly a great man and God's man!


Student Testimonies
From Some of Our Students

"As a returning student l can say that FBBC has certainly been a tremendous blessing in my life and l thank the Lord to have had the opportunity to attend. May God richly bless this college to the glory of Jesus!"
(Max Jordan)

"When I learned that Dr. Tom Walker had started the Foothills Baptist Bible College, I knew this would be the place to get a sound, Bible based education. After being a pastor for many years, I wanted to get some "fresh oil" for the ministry. I have not been the least bit disappointed. I have earned my Master of Theology and am currently working on my Doctorate. I highly recommend "sharpening the axe" through this institution."
(Pastor Doug Woody-Cajahs Mt. Baptist Church- Lenoir, NC)

"As a pastor it means more than education or obtaining a degree. It means gaining a better knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures so I can better feed the flock of God. I have thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship and the teachers. The staff are all well studied and deliver the course materials in a way that is both understandable and comprehendible. I love the classroom atmosphere and would highly recommend FBBC for anyone desiring to gain a better knowledge of the Bible.
(Shane Gunter- Pastor Calvary Way Baptist Church)

"This is my first quarter attending Foothills Baptist College. To say it exceeds my expectation would be an understatement. The instructors are very knowledgeable and the materials are scripturally sound. Attending FBBC has strengthened my relationship with Christ and helped me to pray more fervently."
(Josh Cooke- Associate Pastor- Calvary Way Baptist Church)


Some 55 courses are now available through FBBC.
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Someone said, "Education is sharpening your axe so you
might better chop for the Lord."

Education enhances and develops the gifts which the
Lord has already given to us.


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